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The Seneca Story of Earth's Creation

Jenny Monroe - Watson Homestead Road Scholar - 2/13/2015


The CIRG February 11 Coffee Program in the Riverfront Cafe was pure theater as Jenny Monroe acted out the Seneca lore of earth's creation.  With the window wall overlooking the Chemung river as her backdrop, Jenny related the journey of the Queen of the Sky World who, seeking relelif from the pains of her pregnancy, slipped through a hole in the Sky World and, borne by a large flock of birds, floated down to a gentle landing on a water-covered

Monroe took her audience through the Sky World queen's birth of a girl and then the birth of her daugher's twin a blessing...the other something less...and how those children impacted the formation of the earth and its waterways and the night sky above.

It was, as reported, theater....and all who braved the cold to attend this one did enjoy it.  For those who missed it we can only say:  You shoulda been there.

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