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171 Cedar Arts Center

Courtney DeRusha - 8/1/2013

Back at the Riverfront Café for our August meeting, members had as program by Courtney DeRusha and her staff from 171 Cedar Arts Center. DeRusha, the Center's program manager, opened the meeting with a bit of history about the Center from its birth in 1968 through it expansion to two buildings and a varied program of art, ceramics, theater, music and fitness conducted in the Center's facilities or in other locations in the area.

In a nutshell, retirees heard that whatever their interest, they can probably satisfy and enrich it through one or more of the Center's many programs for students of all ages. DeRusha told our retirees that whatever their skills or interests, the Center can find a way to use them in a program or workshop in the Center's two buildings or off-site.

As a wind-up to the program, Lynn Wagner set out a number of clay squares and an array of paints and brushes and encouraged retirees to create their own decorated refrigerator magnets. Her offer was taken by 17 retirees and those tiles were collected and taken back to the center to be fired and have magnets attached. The finished tiles were returned to their creators at following CIRG programs.

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