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Retiree Benefits Meeting VIDEO

Free Retired Employee Flu Shots

With the coming winter, seniors especially are advised to be prepared and get their flu shots.

Retired employees' free flu shots will be administered October 26th from 8 a.m. to noon in the 19th Century Room at the Headquarters complex. If both the retiree and spouse have Medicare coverage, they can both get free shots at most any local pharmacy. Wegmans pharmacy in Corning has a convenient flu shot cubicle for walk-in service.

For more complete information about flu prevention, visit the CDC site below:

With thanks to Joyce Greggs and the Corporate Health Benefits team.

Rakow Oral History Series

Since 2007, the Rakow Library staff at the Corning Museum of Glass has been collecting memories of Corning Incorporated employees and retirees in oral history recordings. The collection dates back to a 1959 interview with Frederick Carder. To date, more than 30 Corning and Steuben employees have participated in this project, many through recordings made during Glassfest weekend programs. The library now has more than 120 oral histories in its collection.

More memory collections were added during this year's Glassfest event through videos recorded in the Radisson Hotel. Retirees willing to share their memories can arrange for recording sessions by calling Rebecca Hopman at the Rakow Library at (607) 438-5300 or by e-mail at

The Rakow would love to add to their oral history collection and the memoires of the people who have contributed to the company's history and its success. To see a menu of interviews, click on Once there, you can pick any of the recorded sessions to view.

Health Tips from Dr. Schuppert - Jan. 14, 2015 program

Dr. Schuppert, in his portion of the Jan. 14 CIRG Coffee Program, showed a PowerPoint slide program chock full of good advice for everyone...especially we health-conscious seniors.  It is well worth the time to view it... and to take notes where appropriate.

It is available in PDF format.  Just go to the Previous Speakers Page and click on Dr.Schuppert's program.  That report includes the quick link to the PDF. 

We make this offer because the audience for the Jan. 14 program was much smaller than usual due to the bitter cold weather.  Many of you either assumed the Corning-Painted Post schools would be closed or on delayed start... or you just decided it was too cold to venture out.

Interesting Video About Blood Use

Retirees who braved the cold to attend the Jan. 4 CIRG Coffe program in the Riverfront Cafe enjoyed one of the most informative programs ever offered at these retiree coffee sessions.  Speakers were Dr. James L. Schuppert, director of the company's Health Services, and Chris Hart, regional director of the American Red Cross Blood Program in our area.

While the program was aimed at priming the auidience for the company's 2015 blood bank schedule, the major attraction was a video of what happens to blood collected at these sessions.  The role of donated blood's three components -- red cells, white cells and serum -- in saving lives.  Both speakers gave PowerPoint presentations and arrangements are under way to include them in this CIRG web site.

The video, however, given by Hart, was a feature attraction of general interest to all when it comes to donated blood.  Do take the time to view this video by clicking on the link below.  It's 13 minutes well spent.

Link to the ARC video:

If clicking on the link doesn't work, copy it and strip it into your web browser.