Corning Aircraft Shuttle

The personal travel privilege on the Corning Inc. shuttle is extended to retirees receiving Corning benefits only. The Corning retiree must be the person calling to make any personal reservations. (Only the retiree, spouse, direct children, and parents are eligible).


Corning Aircraft Shuttle Schedule

(Note: Shuttle schedule may change without notice)

Location Frequency & Days of Week Timing

Morristown, NJ

Every Week
Every Day (Monday - Friday)
AM and PM Round Trip

Depart Elmira @ 7:00 AM
Depart Morristown @ 8:15 AM
Depart Elmira @ 4:00 PM
Depart Morristown @ 5:15 PM

Lexington, KY

Every Week
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Depart Elmira @ 11:00 AM
Depart Lexington @ 1:30 PM

Wilmington, NC

Every Other Week
Tuesdays and Thursdays

Depart Elmira @ 10:00 AM
Depart Wilmington @ 12:30 PM

Charlotte, NC

Every Week
Every Day (Monday - Friday)

Depart Elmira @ 7:30 AM
Depart Charlotte @ 9:30 AM

Information Needed to Make a Shuttle Reservation

  • Retiree name
  • Retiree address
  • Retiree cell and home phone
  • Retiree Social Security Number
  • Name of passenger(s)
  • Passenger cell phone numbers
  • Advance notice for using the Morristown van service.

How to Make A Shuttle Reservation

The retiree must make the reservation by calling 607-974-8080, Monday through Friday.  Press Option 2 for the Shuttle Line.

Personal Travel reservations may be made between the hours of 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM on the business day before travel.

Reservations cannot be submitted by email or by leaving a message on the answering machine/voice mail.

Shuttle Usage Rules

Must arrive 30 minutes prior to departure time – shuttle does not wait for any personal passengers

Government issued photo identification

Luggage - cumulative total of under 50 lbs. and dimensional limit of 2'x2'4'

Carrying golf clubs is at the discretion of the crew and must be included in the 50 lb. weight limit

Business attire requested

No pets

Family members under the age of 16 must travel with a parent

Personal travel is at the discretion of the company and the company may change its policy at any time

Corporate aircraft will not transport any unaccompanied freight/luggage. No freight/luggage is to be left at the hanger unaccompanied.

All corporate flights, as well as all Corning aircraft facilities, are non-smoking.

All passengers must be able to embark/disembark the aircraft without assistance from the crew or staff members.

Items Not To Pack or Bring On Board the Shuttle

Federal regulations restrict the carriage of items classified as hazardous material when transported by aircraft. These items may include, but are not limited to: acid, flammable liquids/solids/gases, explosives, oxidizing materials, corrosive materials, compressed gases (including medical oxygen) or propellants, poisons, etiologic agents, and radioactive materials. Any substance or material that is classified by IATA, DOR and/or the U.S. Hazardous Materials Regulations is considered dangerous and hazardous and cannot travel on Corning Incorporated. Aircraft. (Corning Aircraft Operations is NOT a hazardous materials shipper/transporter.) If in doubt, contact your shipping department for further information.

Spare batteries for any type of device must be in the original packaging or have each battery terminal insulated (by covering with tape) to not create a fire hazard. Additionally, these spares should be in the passenger compartment, not in a "checked" bag.

Pets/animals are not permitted on any Corning corporate aircraft.

Cancellation Policy

Call the Corporate Hangar at 607-974-8080 between the hours of 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday (Eastern Standard Time). Press Option 2 for the Shuttle Line.

To cancel a reservation after 5:00 PM. or on weekends, leave cancellation information on the recording at the Corporate Hangar.

Cancellations for morning flights must be made by 6:00 AM the day of the flight.

Cancellations for afternoon flights must be made four hours prior to the flight departure on the day of the flight.

Directions to the Corning Hangar

The Hangar at 348 Sing Sing Road, Horseheads, N.Y.

Driving from the Corning area on Sing Sing Road, turn at the 2nd right past the Elmira-Corning Regional Airport main terminal entrance.

From the Mall/Elmira area, turn at the 2nd left past Federal Express on Sing Sing Road.


Sufficient parking is available at the Hangar to accommodate all Corning Aircraft passengers.

Parking at the Hangar is restricted to Corning Aircraft passengers only.

Morristown Van Schedule

Van transportation is provided to and from New York City at no charge for passengers traveling on the Morristown 7:00 AM shuttle and/or returning to Elmira on the 5:15 PM shuttle Monday through Friday. The van into the city departs immediately on arrival for 59th St. between 5th and Madison Avenues. It leaves from that location promptly at 3:15 PM for the 5:15 PM flight to Elmira.

Transportation Arrangements

The shuttles utilize the following Flight Business Offices (FBO). Local transportation can be arranged through the specific flight FBO.

FBO Location FBO Name FBO Address FBO Phone

Morristown, NJ
Morristown Muni Airport

Signature Flight Support

1 Airport Rd.
Morristown, NJ 07960


Lexington, KY
Blue Grass Airport

Tac Air

4308 Hangar Drive
Lexington, KY 40510


Wilmington, NC
Wilmington International Airport

Air Wilmington

1817 Aviation Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28405


Charlotte, NC
Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Wilson Air Center

5400 Airport Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28208